“Reality is not logical, our perception of it is not logical, our conception of it is. Reality is open ended, our mental set imposes structure, order, connections.” Bill Viola, Reasons for Knocking at an empty house.

I once overheard a discussion of whether we dream in color or black and white. This caused me to question why I don’t dream in abstraction. I have spent a long time waiting to have an abstract dream, but if I have had one, I have been unable to hold onto it. Despite being fascinated by the divisible properties (shape, color, texture, pitch) of the world, or my experience of it, the world refuses to dissolve completely into these abstract fragments. Everything lands somewhere, a feeling, a memory, a time, nothing floats in a void. Arbitrary or not, things exist. Intrinsic values are only the average of all the applied experiences with something, we know red only as the average of all the experiences we have ever had with redness; blood, anger, a dress, a sound on TV, and its meaning comes out of how we structure and value these experiences.

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