A machine gun is always included in my work. This is a piece that is different, that stands apart, that is crunchier or softer as need be.It is an entry and an escape.

I am against heroism, in art an otherwise, as well as functionality and productivity (in the sense of advancement). The highest ‘need’ my work answers to is the creation of a space of irrationality, of impulse, of play and of abandonment. Not to move incessantly forward, but perhaps sideways, backwards or even to sit down. The splitting of images that occurs in my work is a divisive act, one of fragmentation, an inquisitive break down of the surface image to stop it arriving too quickly at itself. These images, however, should not be completely blown away; the act of fragmentation is not one of annihilation but rather slowness, allowing their interest, the life of the images, to be prolonged.

Violence Formal Concerns Process The Remainder Wishes Dissonance Perception