Cutting is one of the remaining acts of mystery or shamanism. The surgeon has a very special place in our popular culture, which paints the surgeon as the last hero, the last cowboy, the last cultural barrier protecting the individual from the bureaucracy. Cutting is an act of violating the self, blurring the boundaries of otherness, yet at the same time enforcing them, just as the act of surgery separates sickness from health. The cutting-building process mirrors the subjects of my work, becoming at times lacy and fabric like, skin like or architectural in character. Skin is the dominant symbolic boundary between inside and outside, and thereby defines who we are . The act of cutting, which is ever present in my work, draws attention to the transgression between inside and outside, as does some of the imagery in the work. Kristeva, Julia. Powers of Horror: an Essay on Abjection. New York: Columbia University Press, 1982. p.101
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