Do you ever get up in the night to look for a snack? LightMass Happiness is the inside of complimentary colours.  It's so much easier to take pictures of trees.
Beets are a hearty vegetable; they have very high iron content. In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.
Fall is my most awkward season. When I was seven, I had a dream that the lion was eating me.  If you ride the white horse, everyone will be jealouse. Nothing is quite as delicious as too much. Sometimes I cannot repair things a quickly as they fall appart.
I didn't know her, but I took her picture in front of a heap of dead fish. Chance, time and decay may always outdo you.
The noise from the TV keeps me safe. Laughing can make me forget everythign I've done. When it rains, we all drown.
Bird box series
Je reve, je ne reve pas.


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